JH Cheerleading

JH and HS Cheerleading Sponsor, Desiree Wolfe, can be reached via email at dwolfe@plato.k12.mo.us and by phone through the main office: 417-458-3333.

Plato JH Cheerleading is a fall sport made up of two squads of 9-20 members. There are strict guidelines to become and remain a cheerleader. Cheerleaders have many responsibilities at our school. Tryouts are held each spring for the following year. They work very hard to learn cheers that will be used to encourage the fall sport teams. In the fall, PJH cheer for Varsity, JV, and C (if applicable) boys’ and girls’ basketball games. Often cheering between one and four games per week, cheerleaders use their enthusiasm to lead their crowds in a positive manner.

Is Cheerleading Right For You?

Cheerleaders also support their school in other ways. They make posters to hang around the building to let everyone know about the games. They sometimes give small tokens of encouragement and school spirit to players. Our squad works hard for about two months preparing for the many assemblies. Cheerleaders are athletic, hardworking, dedicated, and loyal to their school. After family and academics, cheerleading is their first priority. Find out more if you think cheerleading is for you!


Cheerleaders represent our school and district 365 days a year. It is the pride of our squad to represent our school and district well and with pride. We are the Plato Eagles.

Do I Need a Sports Physical to Cheer?

The Pre-Participation Physical Form is required for athletics, sideline cheer and dance. Follow the link below to obtain the form.

Pre-Participation Physical Form