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Life360 Snack Program Notice

     Much like the free lunch program that the school participates in with the federal government, there are funding avenues that Life360 partners with to ensure appropriate funding of the snack program used to provide for the Plato R-V students. With such funding mechanisms comes audit requirements. Within these new auditing requirements, the school will need to share a student names with the organization to aide them in tracking their food distribution and continue their funding opportunities. The school is doing everything they can to protect all other information regarding our students. The name on a roster will be the only information shared with the Life360 organization. Life360 will also be required to keep any and all information obtained completely confidential and archive the roster simply for their audit.

     If you have any comments or concerns with the school district or the Life360 organization pertaining to this change please feel free to contact the central office at 417-458-3333.